4 Easy Steps To Succeed At Affiliate Marketing Without A Website In Nigeria

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How to make money with affiliate marketing in nigeria without a websiteCan you start successful affiliate marketing without a website and still make a lot of money in Nigeria?

The answer is YES!

A lot of people interested in starting an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria come up with different reasons why they may never succeed in the business.

Not having a website is one of those reasons.

We all know how costly it can be to manage a website.

From hosting fees to domain name registration and running adverts – the costs can make you spend more money
than you budgeted.

Do I Need a Website for My Affiliate Marketing Business?

Yes, a business is very important in any type of online business. And affiliate marketing happens to fall into one of the businesses you can do online.

With a website, you can grow your brand, direct traffic to your sales page, and find out the location and interests of your leads and buyers, especially when you are running adverts.

However, you can explore other options when you realize that having a website is either an additional expense you are not ready for.

That is what you will learn in this article.

The Goal is Traffic

Whether you use a website or not, the goal remains the same.

The goal of every affiliate marketer is to get more eyes to see what they are marketing or promoting.

If you want to crush affiliate marketing without a website, you need to note this very important point

You need traffic (more people coming to check out your offers).

So, if you don’t have a website to direct them to your offers, you want to figure out other options you may have.

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website: Alternative Traffic Sources

Since you don’t have a website (or you don’t want to use one), we took the time to find out some of the options you will like.

We present to you, some of the alternatives to a website.

You can use these traffic sources to drive more leads to the affiliate product you are promoting.

1. Promote Your Affiliate Offers on Online Forums


affiliate marketing without a website-forum

In the absence of a website, you want to use online forums to promote your affiliate products.

Quora is one of the popular forums that you want to use.

However, if you want something local – something peculiar to Nigerians.

Nairaland is the best online forum for Nigerian affiliate marketers.

The forum has millions of people visiting it from all over the world. So, rest assured that one of those visitors may be interested in what you are promoting.

Using online forums is one of the easiest ways for you to do affiliate marketing without a website, especially in Nigeria.

2. Create a Viral eBook and Give it out

We must mention that you may not successfully make your first affiliate sale the first time you promote your offer.

It can vary though.

Some affiliates are lucky to make their first sales the first time of trying while others will keep trying for many months before a sale can be made.

You are not doing anything bad.

You just need to change tactics so you can attract more leads and over time, convert them to steady buyers.

We advise that you create an Electronic Book (e-book) on any topic that you are conversant with.

The rule of thumb is to create an e-book based on the affiliate product you are marketing.

That way, you will be giving value first before it can be reciprocated with a sale.

Then, ensure you add your affiliate links for the products you are promoting.

That way,  those who got your free e-book can check out your offer to see if they are interested in it.

3. Leverage Facebook



You can use Facebook for many things, other than just chatting and watching comedy videos.

Facebook is now one of the most powerful marketing channels – and the traffic is also there, with millions of Nigerians using the platform.

So, you want to leverage Facebook as one of the alternative platforms to run a successful affiliate marketing business without a website.

Here are a couple of ways to do that:

1. Tell Stories About Your Offer

Story-telling is the latest marketing strategy used by hundreds of successful affiliate marketers.
However, you need to understand that your prospective buyers didn’t wake up one morning looking for what to buy or where to spend their money.

Therefore, you want to be creative with the stories you tell.

It works best if you understand the type of audience you have or the category of people you want to communicate your offer to.

For example, the country may be on the brink of war.

So, you want to communicate the importance of traveling out of the country for security reasons or you can sell a security
gadget as well.

In that case, you want to talk about the growing trend of insecurity and why the citizens need to be watchful of the activities around them.

You can talk about the thrills of traveling to the USA or Canada.

At this point, you want to also talk about knowing of a powerful guide that will help them travel to any of those foreign countries without the hassles of IELTS.

2.  Run Targeted Adverts to Your DM

Do you still believe that you can only run Facebook adverts to the sales page on your website?

Well, you can also run adverts to your Direct Message boxes, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

That way, you will be in direct communication with the target audience so you can communicate your offer and close the deal faster.

4. Don’t Overlook WhatsApp


affiliate marketing in nigeria without a website-1984584_1920

True – websites can bring in sales, but WhatsApp can bring in more!

WhatsApp is now one of the modern-day marketing channels because millions of Nigerians tend to buy what they see on WhatsApp Status, as well as offers sent to them via WhatsApp.

So, ensure you are sending more people to your WhatsApp business line so you can close the deals for your affiliate products.

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Conclusion: You can succeed in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website In Nigeria


Not having a website should not be the reason why you are leaving a lot of money on the table as an affiliate marketer.

You can use any of the strategies we shared to generate more leads, close more sales and make more money as an affiliate marketer without a website in Nigeria.

Did you get value from this article on how to succeed in affiliate marketing without a website?

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