72IG Implementation Program Review: Scam Or Legit?

72IG Implementation Program Review

Do you want to buy the 72IG Implementation program?

Or maybe you were searching for a 72IG implementation program review?

If so…

You are on the right path.

But you need additional information before you pull out your debit card and pay for the program.

This article is a 72IG implementation program review.

It explains what the program is all about, the benefits, and what you must not do when you get the program.

72IG Implementation Program Review: What is 72IG all about?


The full name is 72 Hour Income Generator.

It is titled that way because the creator of the program, Toyin Omotoso, designed it to be one of the best Internet marketing courses you can study and start implementing in 3 days (72 hours) or less.

The 72 Hour Income Generator training program is hosted on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform.

It will interest you to know that this program is one of the most sold Expertnaire courses.

And that is because it is one of the best courses that guide you on how to start a successful affiliate marketing business in Nigeria.

There’s a video which walks you through what the program is all about before you join.

Just click below to watch it

72IG implementation program review

Must I Enroll in the 72IG Implementation Program?

You are not under pressure to get the 72IG program.

However, it is worth the investment if you are looking to take your Internet marketing game to the next level.

It will interest you to know that the content of the program is much more than the monetary investment you will make.

It is one of the BEST marketing programs ever to be taught by a Nigerian marketer.

One of the unique things about the program is that it the exact system or process used by the instructor, Toyin Omotoso to sell thousands of digital and physical products online.

So, rest assured that you are getting value for your money.


What will I Get from the 72IG Implementation Program?

If the 72 Hour Income Generator is as unique as we claim, what then are the benefits you will get?

This 72IG implementation program review will not be complete if we don’t answer this question, so let’s get into it!

Asides from the creative marketing angles you will get, there are also a couple of other amazing benefits you will get from the course.

Here is a couple of them:

  • You will learn how to be a better marketer and not someone that continually coerces people to buy.
  • The program is divided into days and modules, thereby, making the learning and implementation easier for the students or learners.
  • The 72 Hour Income Generator includes freebies, such as sales copy swipes, website templates, and free plugins and themes.
  • Buying the 72 Hour Income Generator also gives access to the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform so you can refer people to buy some of the products and earn commissions from your affiliate sales.
  • You have lifetime support via the Facebook and Telegram groups where you will be given access to important updates and where your questions on marketing will be answered.

I Have Gotten the 72IG Course: What Next?

Enrolling in the 72 Hour Income training program would be one of the best decisions you made this year. At the same time, you want to make it worthwhile.

To that end, here are the next steps you must take to get the best results from the program:

1.    Commit to Learning

We must point out that the 72 Hour Income Generator program is not a Ponzi scheme. It is not a money-doubling venture either.

Therefore, you need to put in the work to make it work for you. To do that, you must be armed with the right knowledge.

That is why you must take the time to learn from the different materials included in the program.

Toyin Omotoso, the instructor for the program, already did a great job of dividing the program into days and modules.

Also, he started from the basic to the advanced.

That way, you will sequentially follow the program and implement it.

2.    Access Your Expertnaire Account

Your next line of action will be to access your Expertnaire account.

Enrolling in the 72IG course automatically makes you an Expertnaire affiliate.

So, expect a link to be sent from the Expertnaire team to your registered email address within 3 days of getting the course.

The link will contain your username, which is usually your email address.

The default password is 12345.

So, when you log into your Expertnaire account, you will have to modify or change your password so that the security of your account will be guaranteed.

3.    Update Your Information

Your next step is to update your information, such as your address, and your bank details so that your commissions would be paid on time.

4.    Pick a Product & Research

Do you still remember what you learned from the 72 Hour Implementation program?

It is time to implement the strategies because the program is all about implementation or taking action.

The first implementation you will do is to pick a product from the over 40 digital products on the Expertnaire marketplace.

Picking the product is one side of the coin.

Researching it is another.

Toyin Omotoso encourages Expertnaire affiliates to research the products they want to promote so they will have more information and be bold when promoting the products.

You don’t want to promote an affiliate product that you know nothing about because that will make you look unserious.

You can carry out your research in the following ways:

  • Pick out important details from the products sales page
  • Make fact-finding researches online
  • Consider using Google Trends to find out the type of audience to target with the product

5.    Promote the Product

You now know your target audience, their age, and location.

You can now promote the Expertnaire course or product to them using:

  • Facebook adverts
  • Organic marketing via blog posts optimized around the product
  • WhatsApp marketing
  • Telling stories about the product on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles

Now lets go to another part of this 72IG implementation program review and talk about…

What the 72IG Implementation Program is not

The 72 Hour Income Generator, is no doubt, one of the best marketing materials you can use to start a successful affiliate marketing business in Nigeria.

However, there are a couple of things the program may not do for you. Here are some of them:

  • The program is not a Ponzi scheme
  • The program only makes you money when you successfully implement what was taught.
  • Do not get the program if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, because it is not one.
  • The 72 Hour Income Generator is not for lazy people. So, be ready to work for the money.

Besides, you can find a couple of Expertnaire testimonies online to prove how effective the 72IG program can be for affiliate marketers who work hard to implement all that was taught.

Wrapping Up: 72IG Implementation Program Review

I hope you got value from this 72IG implementation program review!

This 72 Hour Income Generator course  by Toyin Omotoso is one of the finest marketing courses you can find in the Nigerian Internet marketing niche.

72IG implementation program review-toyin

Toyin has built several million Naira businesses online, and has trained and mentored many people (including me) in how to make money online.

So this course definitely over delivers!

You, however, need to implement all that is taught so you can make money as an affiliate marketer both on the Expertnaire digital product marketplace and any other affiliate marketing platform you may want to use.

But there are juicy bonuses for you when you buy the 72IG implementation program

72IG Implementation Program Review:  72 IG Bonuses

This 72 IG implementation program review will not be complete if we do not mention the bonuses you get when you buy the course.

  1. One years FREE access to Expertnaire   (Valued at N10,000)
  2. Access to the old 72 Hour income Generator Course (Valued at N30,000)
  3. Access to Expertnaire Affiliate Telegram support group where you’d get support from Toyin Omotoso himself and other marketers.
  4. Exclusive access to the Facebook support group for 72IG.
  5. Premium Web page builder Plugin and pre-designed templates.
  6. A Detailed Email marketing course, and also you also get carefully crafted and tested Email marketing templates that you can easily model for your email marketing campaigns.
  7.  Free Zoom Q & A Sessions every Wednesday and Thursday where all your questions will be treated.
  8.  A 13-Paged Word Document You can use as a Lead Magnet for Promoting 6 Hot Expertnaire Offers
  9.  You’d also get a buyers List for Business & Canada Relocation Products that can be used to create a Look-alike audience to run Facebook ads.
  10.  BONUS 10–50% Commission on the 72 IG Implementation program. What this means is that as a 72IG Student, if you decide to promote the 72IG program on Expertnaire, you will get 50% commission per sale as against regular Expertnaire Affiliates who get just 30% Commission.
  11.  You’d also get the  WhatsApp Sales Blueprint and How to Get your initial sales on Expertnaire. These mini courses will help you make sales without running paid traffic. 

Some intending affiliate marketers often complain about their inability to afford the fee for the 72 Hour Income Generator Course.

So, to say “thanks” for reading this 72IG implementation program review, use this link to get up to a 40% discount today!

Did you get value from this 72IG implementation program review?

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