Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing: 5 Easy Steps To Making Money Online In Nigeria

expertnaire affiliate marketing

If you landed here looking for information about expertnaire affiliate marketing, then you are in the right place.

But first…

Have you always wanted to make money online?

You must have a couple of friends talking about making money online from the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program.

You want to be like them, but you are not sure of what Expertnaire is all about?

Worry no more because this article explains everything you need to know about becoming an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire.

What is Affiliate Marketing by the Way?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to earn commissions for every sale you make.

All you have to do is to refer someone to a platform or recommend a product or program that comes with commissions or incentives.

When the person you referred buys the product or program (using your affiliate link), you will get paid the commission that accrues to the sale you initiated.

Why is Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing so Popular in Nigeria?

So, why is Expertnaire making the news and causing lots of Nigerians to be happy?

It is because Expertnaire is considered to be the ClickBank of Nigeria.

If you are familiar with the affiliate marketing terrain, you will understand how important this platform is to Nigerian affiliate marketers.

ClickBank and JVZoo are two of the popular affiliate marketing platforms in the world.

However, it is not always easy for Nigerians to sign up for an account and become affiliates on those platforms.

That is why Toyin Omotoso, the CEO of 7StarCourses, the parent company of Expertnaire, deemed it important to create something similar for Africans – especially Nigerians.

Using Expertnaire, you can now refer people to buy several digital products and be paid for doing so.

How Can I Make Money from the Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing?


You now know the meaning of affiliate marketing, as well as how important Expertnaire can be for your affiliate marketing business.

Now, this is where many affiliate marketers will jump the fence.

Getting started on Expertnaire doesn’t mean that you will start making money online immediately.

A lot of work is required on your part.

So, ensure you are ready to be committed in both practice and learning so you can join the thousands of affiliate marketers earning from this platform.

With that being said, here are the steps to making money online in Nigeria as an Expertnaire affiliate:

Step #1: Join Expertnaire

There are two ways to join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform. Each of the two is targeted at different kinds of affiliate marketers.

So, pay attention to learn more about them to decide on the one that works best for you.

Join as an Affiliate


expertnaire affiliate marketing -5 steps

Your first option is to join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing business as an affiliate.

This means that you will sign up for an affiliate account on the platform and start promoting the Expertnaire courses and programs when your registration is confirmed.

It doesn’t come free though.

Expertnaire requires you to pay the sum of ₦10,000 a year to become an affiliate.

This is true with some other affiliate marketing platforms and digital course marketplaces, such as JVZoo and ClickBank.

So, be ready to pay to become an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire.

Click here to sign up as an affiliate on expertnaire.

Join as a 72IG Student


This is one of the best ways to start your Expertnaire affiliate marketing business.

Most people want to start an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria but are not ready to learn.

The 72 Hour Income Generator  created by Toyin Omotoso, is a compilation of different marketing programs and courses that would help you get the most out of your affiliate marketing business.

It costs ₦50,000.

The content of the 72IG program includes:

  • Tutorials on how to start your affiliate marketing business from scratch
  • WhatsApp sales Blueprint to help you make more sales on WhatsApp
  • Research worksheets to help you learn more about the products and Expertnaire courses you want to promote.
  • Facebook advert tutorial so you can run promotional adverts online
  • Sales copy angles so you can tackle objections and make more sales
  • Email marketing guidelines to help you nurture your leads and make them become your steady/repeat buyers.
  • Swipe files that you can copy and paste for best results
  • Step-by-step processes to setting up your affiliate marketing website
  • Free software, including Thrive Architect sales page builder and some themes
  • Templates that you can use to build your sales page in a few minutes

Besides, the 72IG program is divided into days and modules so you can learn at your pace.

expert affiliate marketing -72IG

There’s a special masterclass that explains the 72IG program and what it’s about.

Click here to watch the 72IG masterclass

Step #2: Modify Your Affiliate Account

Either the Expertnaire Vendor or the 72 Hour Income Generator can help you become an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire.

Once you are signed up, you will get your username and password. You will then use those details to log into your Expertnaire account and modify it.

Some of the modifications you can make are:

  • Changing your password
  • Including your bank account details where your affiliate marketing commissions will be paid.

Step #3: Promote Expertnaire Courses

You are now ready to use the variety of marketing tactics thought in the 72IG program to promote your courses.

You can also use your marketing prowess to get people to buy the courses you are promoting.

Each of the Expertnaire courses has one or more affiliate links pointing to either the video sales page or the sale copy page. Copy those links and shorten them with so you can have a shorter link to send to your prospective buyers.

You can get access to courses to promote from the expertnaire  product marketplace which you can navigate to from your dashboard after you login.

expertnaire affiliate marketing -expertnaire product marketplace

Step #4: Keep Promoting

This is one of the challenges you may have.

You may become reluctant to keep promoting the Expertnaire courses.

Just remember that Expertnaire, like every other affiliate marketing platform, only pays you for the courses or programs you sold.

So, keep promoting to earn more!

Step #5: Wait for Your Payment

Expertnaire pays its affiliates every Friday.

The payment is for the sales you made within the week.

So, if you made a sale from Sunday to Friday, you can be sure that Expertnaire will pay you the accrued commissions on the Friday of that week.


Expertnaire is an innovative digital marketplace that helps affiliate marketers to earn money for promoting the courses and programs on the site.

If you want to get started, with expertnaire affiliate marketing, here is the direct link to join and start earning!

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