Starting From Zero Review: Easily Build An Awesome Affiliate Marketing Business In Nigeria!

starting from zero review-affiliate marketing in nigeria


starting from zero review-affiliate marketing in nigeria

If you came here looking for a “starting from zero review”

Or maybe you wanted to find out the easiest way to build an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria?

Well you’re in the right place.

But first, lemme ask you a question:

Imagine if you lost everything.

How would you start all over again?

How would you get back on your feet?

Especially if maybe you didn’t have a job?

In August I was robbed at gun point when I was coming out of church and I was with my girlfriend then.

They took my phones, ransacked my car, and took my babes phone also.

Luckily I was able to block my accounts before they would begin buying airtime from my accounts.

But that made me think seriously about having multiple income streams.

One of them was an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria.

In other to learn affiliate marketing, I did a lot of research and delved into a lot of courses.

Then one day a young friend of mine told me about the starting from zero course.

I was a bit skeptical, but I decided to check it out….I ended up buying it, and here is my review!

Starting From Zero Review: Scam Or Legit?

The start from zero course is created by a smart young man called Paschal Mbaka.

There’s actually another foreign course bearing the same name but thats not the focus.

Pascal has an interesting story.

According to one of his videos in the course, he was kidnapped, taken to an unknown location, beaten up badly and these kidnappers robbed him of all his money.

They even took his ATM card and withdrew all he had, and this money was paid into his account by clients who had pre-ordered a product he hadnt even gotten from his supplier.

So he had to reach inside himself and raise back his finances by starting an online business from zero, and thats where the name “Starting from zero” came from.

So lets kick off this starting from zero review, and lets answer all your questions!

What is Starting From Zero About?

There are a lot of courses teaching you affiliate marketing, which are excellent.

Chief of which is the 72IG course.

However the starting from zero course is more than just teaching you the skills of affiliate marketing

It delves deeper into the mindset and psychology as well as the skills you need to buid a sustainable business online.

People make money online, but without the right mindset they lose it.

So let’s go deeper with this starting from zero review into what the course entails.

The starting from zero course is divided into three parts

  1. STAGE 1: Mindset and concept drills -How to build yourself image reading powerful books, how to boost your self esteem, understanding value in exchange for money, affiliate marketing fundamentals etc.
  2. STAGE 2: Generating Seed Funds -Social media services, how to start out in affiliate marketing and do up to 400k a month
  3. STAGE 3: Scaling your online business. – How to scale up to 750k and above monthly
  4. STAGE 4: Automation – WhatsApp marketing, email marketing, ads, sales funnel designs, etc
  5. STAGE 5: Freedom, become and influencer, inspire others. – Influencer marketing, freelancing, and much more.

Excited? You can check out the course here:

Starting From Zero Review: Course Contents.

This starting from zero review won’t be complete if I don’t list out the course contents.

See all what you get when you purchase the starting from zero course now.

  1. My story ( And why i choose the name “starting from zero” as a tittle for the full program)
  2. what is your why and how you can use it to fuel your desire to win.
  3. How to get results with the sfz
  4. Understanding Value in exchange for money
  5. Becoming an important person to others
  6. Filtering information
  7. Building your self image
  8. How to get scammed online (yes, you will be scam proof if you know exactly what to expect)
  9. Technical concept drill
  10. Mindset drill using powerful books
  12. Generating seed funds up to 400k monthly
  13. Introduction to social media services
  14. Funding social media service account
  15. The four crucial steps to make 400k per month.
  16. Your brand
  17. Finding social media business clients that will pay you up to 20k for a 10 minutes job.
  18. simple canva design for your brand
  20. What can be promoted
  21. Platform Aff
  22. Platform Ex
  23. Affiliate marketing terminologies
  24. 750k method Product research
  25. Mind altering research using simple google forms
  26. Things to consider before promoting a product
  27. WhatsApp marketing
  28. Running profitable ads on WhatsApp that makes an average of 100k weekly,
  29. How to quickly increase your WhatsApp status views for massive conversion
  30. How to perform result driven, semi automatic, and automatic follow ups sequence,
  31. Negotiating ad costs
  32. contacts of 30+ WhatsApp TVs with  3k-20k views/24hours
  33. Using the attraction method to get people to yourself
  34. How to use bots to automatically save thousands of contacts on WhatsApp (saves you 10k a day in time wasted manually saving contacts )
  35. How to scrape and develop selling contents from YouTube, tiktok and social media for your audience
  36. How to create content without having to appear in videos
  37. and to automatically save thousands of WhatsApp contacts using a bot
  38. How to engage and build trust with strangers online
  39. Influencer marketing and how it can boost your sales
  40. Using WhatsApp to promote affiliate products
  41. Understanding lead magnets
  42. Understanding Funnels and how you can use it to automate every single money making activity
  43. Understanding funnel components
  44. Understanding the importance of pre-framing before selling and how it can boost conversions by 30%
  45. Recap on everything so far
  46. Hands on Practical on everything explained so far (on my phone and laptop screen)
  47. Breaking down Technicalities and big words.
  49. Understanding how domains and hosting work
  50. Buying Domains
  51. Buying Hosting
  52. working with cPanel
  53. Breaking down webpage designs for our funnel
  54. Themes and plugins
  55. How to quickly design opt in pages in minutes
  56. Introduction to Email marketing
  57. How to create lists and newsletters
  58. How to connect opt-in pages to email list via Api (stress free)
  59. How to create web flows (step by step)
  60. How to scrape content for pre-frame pages
  61. Automating your business
  62. Web customizations
  63. Tracking web visitors
  64. Promoting your business and brand
  65. Advanced traffic generation
  66. How to stand out while promoting products
  67. Introduction Facebook advertising
  68. Facebook advertising mistakes
  69. Setting up foundations and ad accounts
  70. Setting up your very first campaigns
  71. Conversion ads
  72. Google ads (coming soon)
  73. Video editing for your ads (coming soon)
  74. How to build funnels fast without using WordPress or paying for autoresponders (coming soon)




That Is Not all, There Is More.

Hear Paschal describe the mouth-watering bonuses he is offering if you decide to get the sfz course now


1. 50 Books on copywriting, building businesses and personal development all worth (N150,000)

Without copywriting skills, you will struggle with all the businesses i am handing over to you, a good copywriting skills, a sane mind and a good business mind is all you need to succeed,

You will be getting all these FREE!!  INSTEAD OF PAYING 150,000 NAIRA FOR IT.

​Join the course here=>

Let me show you more bonuses in this starting from zero review.

2. Accountability Facebook and telegram Group chat Worth (N25,000) yearly

I perfectly understand that having all these knowledge can be overwhelming, and sometimes, all you need is support and someone to ask question, i will be there for you in this group, other students will be there with you.

This is a private locked group that you would have paid 25,000 naira to enter.

You get it FREE

​Join the course here=>

3. Bot for automatically saving contacts on WhatsApp.

I will be teaching you how to grow your WhatsApp status views from less than 100 to over 500 views in less than 30 days. What this means that, 100s of people will be chatting you up, fighting to connect with you.

You can’t possibly start saving all their contacts one by one, i will give you a WhatsApp Bot that can save thousands of contacts at once, in minutes.

3. Premium Marketing softwares all worth N50,000 Per Annum (Premium Thrive and elementor plugins)

See more details and pick up the course here:

How Much Is The Starting From Zero Course?

The course is just =N=20,000.

There is a chance the price might go up since many more trainings will be added.

So the advise is to get it now here:

Will I Get Support?

Yes you will get support.

There is a dedicated telegram group and a Facebook group for you to network with other like minds.

Also everyone is ready to support if you have any questions, and Paschal and his team are available to support.

How Do I Get Started And What Do I Need?

First of all, you need to get the course.

Then all you need to get to get started is a phone and laptop and an internet connection.

And of course you need to have the desire to implement!

Basically, with this course, you are learning 3 high value skills

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Marketing – How to sell followers to people on Instagram, etc

Freelancing on upwork- How to start as a freelancer on upwork and earn in Dollars in Nigeria, despite bubu!

start from zero review- affiliate marketing in nigeria

You are getting all this for just N20,000.

Get it now here:

Starting From Zero Review: Conclusion

This course is excellent for anyone who wants to grow to build a sustainable online business.

Please this is not magic, you will have to put in the work.

But this is one of the best courses I have seen in this regard.

Did you get value from this starting from zero review?

If you did, leave a comment, or better yet

Get the course now here, before the price increases:

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